2018 February

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February is the month of love and when I first started thinking about what to put in this issue, the 60s cultural movement of Peace & Love came to mind. Can you believe it’s been over 50 years since the 1967 Summer of Love? My favorite artist then was Peter Max and his ‘Day-Glo’ paintings were, to me, the backdrop of the hippie generation. (See p. 8 for more.)

This issue is also about loving ourselves more (Detox From Sugar, p.12) and offers ways to express ourselves creatively. My editor Kathleen has been writing ‘a poem a day ‘to start the creative flow. It’s crazy fun! (See p. 9.) I’ve been designing a spirit doll to sell and to teach women how to make them at retreats and workshops. A few days ago I ran into a creative block that stopped the process and I could not continue. Puzzled, the angels suggested that I ask Pat Gullett, an artist and a contributor to this magazine, and she nailed it. Her answer explains the creative process in the best way I have ever heard. (See p. 6.) This magazine is filled with articles to inspire you to go and create something. Did you hear that inner voice calling? It’s your soul urging you to express!

Enjoy this issue and share it with your friends. Take a moment and write to us. We’d love your feedback.
Nancy, Publisher

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2018 January


Dear Readers,
At the start of this New Year I ask you to invite the Angels into your life. Never mind what term I use, call it by whatever name you like – your higher self, inner guidance, intuition, etc.

While pulling this issue together, I felt an urgent call from them. Never has there been a more pivotal time to ask for a blessing on the world. If we can raise our individual consciousness and focus on what is good and right, we will expand that consciousness into the world where all will benefit. Is there a dark place in the world? Send it your Light! Start with the person who is most annoying and send them your love.

Whatever is your wish for this year, ask for it in prayer and, more importantly, note the answer to it when it comes. The angels, et al, bring these messages in many different forms – your power animal appears; a book falls open to a page; a person texts you something; you see a sparkle of light; a bird flies by, or a feather lands on your path. The list goes on and on, but the key is to recognize these as the ‘answers’ they are.

In February we are launching a fun, new column called, “Ask The Inner Voice” in a format similar to that of ‘Dear Abby.’ Send us your questions!

As we begin this New Year be mindful of your thoughts and intentions, and let’s do it…let’s make this a truly Happy New Year!

Nancy, Publisher

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2017 December

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Dear Readers,
    I always like the December theme to be about the angels who guide us and share ways we can raise our awareness of them and learn how they intervene in our lives. In this issue I feature several articles about them and how you might begin a relationship with them, or deepen the one you have.
   However, the joy of that sharing has been shadowed by the entourage of the prominent men who have allegedly behaved badly and are accused of sexual misbehavior that’s been all over the news. As I write this, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC. News of this kind makes me want to bury my head in the sand, but the angels have encouraged me to bring it to the Light in this issue. “We don’t run and hide,” they said, “we face things, deal with them, and heal them.” One way to do that is written by Marianne Williamson in her article,“#MeToo” page 10. Also in this issue, a reader asked me to ask the angels about the impending crisis in North Korea, and how are we to look at it without fear. See Angel Talk on this page.
    Let me also say this… talking with the Angels over the last 30+ years I tell you they love us beyond what we can imagine. They are on a different playing field, with one eye on us and the other on God’s plan for us. The Angels are in our corner and continually have our backs. Time and time again they have stated that all we need to do is call them into our awareness; breathe in their love and light, and allow this higher vibration to be our guide in thought, word and deeds. Period.
Then, we are to send this love to those around us; to those around the world; and to people like Kim Jong-un. Let love be the miracle it is meant to be! Just add action and this could be a truly Merry Christmas!

Nancy, Publisher

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2017 November


Dear Readers,
    November is a most precious month because it reminds me to be grateful for life and all the experiences it brings. Some things may not appear as blessings in the moment, but according to A Course In Miracles, ‘all things are either love or a lesson in love.’
    Earlier this year I felt as though God let me down by not healing my shoulder, but then I learned that surgery was the gift, and realizing that, I was grateful there was a solution to the pain. My prayer may not have been answered in the way I wanted it to be, but it got me turned around into a new direction, and that was the miracle.
    The angels said many times that if we are grateful for what we have, we will be blessed with more. Instead of complaining let’s choose to be grateful and satisfied. Instead of being in some pit of misery, let’s obtain a renewed sense of expectation that life gets better and better all the time.
    I am grateful for every one of you, my readers and subscribers, for being on this journey with me. When you pull your chair up to your Thanksgiving dinner table, pause and give thanks for your life and all things in it. It is a spiritual truth that what we focus on increases, so let’s choose to be grateful and give thanks for all things. That will lead us to even more good.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nancy, Publisher


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