August 2015


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Dear Readers,

It’s already August … and as we cultivate the seeds we’ve planted, both in the physical and the mental gardens, I wanted to delve deeper this month into the healing mysteries. Why do some people heal while others do not? To answer that, perhaps we need to look at the level or place where true healing happens. If you’re a reader of The Inner Voice, you know we speak of alternative health and healing other than that of the mainstream. My contributors, editors and I do not prescribe a thing, but simply shine a light on available options for you to listen to your own inner voice and follow that in healing whatever concerns you. Recently I was made aware that claims were being made regarding the use of essential oils, and the FDA has come down on two of the top companies to change their language. I find it very sad that we cannot shout this news from the rooftops that effective remedies are available, and that we must abide by certain rules of what we can claim. This led me to amplify the fact that true healing happens at the subtle and sacred level of spirit. (See Angel Talk on page 7.)

We raise the question of the validity of fairies and nature spirits. Are they a figment of Hans Christian Anderson, The Brothers Grimm, Aesop and others ‘imaginations, or are they real, and we have forgotten their existence? Penny Kelly helps us remember our connectedness to these beings and what they do for us in her amazing article, The Eternal Unfolding, page 8. Listen to an interview with her in her garden! The link is on page 15.

A 1992 interview with Psychic Healer, Peter Inman reveals that we are ‘the god of our own being’ and we can change and heal anything by the power of the spoken word. Listen to the interview; link on p. 10.

Beverly Brunelle shares a metaphor for deep healing with a delightful story of Little Bird in the Kitchen, page 13. Read how, in Feng Shui, we understand the interconnectedness of all things and the profound affect that has on us, page16; and Lauri Lumby shares some great tips for living a life of contentment and joy, page 24.

Be open-minded as you read this issue and see how the little ones (as the elves and fairies like to be called) show us another way to true healing at the causal level. I hope you enjoy this issue of healing inspirations, and will help me find a way to shout it from the rooftops!



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July 2015

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Dear Readers,
July always makes me think about creativity, play and having fun outside. I recall the lake cottages my family owned when I was a kid, offering us years of summers where we could get away and swim, boat, fish, hike or, on cooler or rainy days, play board games, cards or make art. As kids we always managed to have fun using our imagination to create things that are now some of my fondest memories. One rainy weekend I sat down with my two nieces, ages 9 and 10 at the time and from modeling clay we made all kinds of animals and characters inspired from The Muppets. We were totally absorbed in making these creatures, their clothing and other accessories. We displayed them on the fireplace mantle where they stayed for years until the cottage was sold. Not only did the three of us have fun creating these, everyone looking at them over the years felt the spark we felt when making them.

What inspires your creativity? What would you like to do and have fun? I was watching Joyce Meyer on TV today where she talked about how everyone has a special gift that no one else has. I am not too good at painting, but crafting something from raw materials, not too bad. Why stop the creative fun we had as kids just because we’re grown up? Maybe this is just what we need to stay young – play like a kid!

I hope you will be inspired by the ideas in this issue…a whopping 26 pages! May it ignite your passion to create something wonderful. Get out the paint brush, the old typewriter, your sewing machine, knitting needles, or crochet hook. Perhaps there’s a musical instrument in the closet? Whatever your passion is, grab it. Get busy tapping your right brain, and enjoy the creative universe that awaits you!
xoxox, Nancy

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June 2015

TIV_Cov_2015-06,40June 2015 Issue Flash Version
June 2015 Issue PDF Version

Dear Readers,
It’s been six months since we stated our New Year’s Resolutions and made a list of the heartfelt goals we wanted to have happen in 2015. Dare I ask, how are you doing? The angels prompted me to put out a ‘call to action,’ if you will, to get busy on these things so we can experience a successful manifestation before year’s end – and how fitting for this issue which is all about preparing the soil and planting our gardens, both physical and spiritual. The key is in taking small steps and doing it with JOY. See Angel Talk on page 4.

This issue is all about nurturing those seeds, both in the garden and in the creative soil in our minds. It’s check-in time … to begin and/or continue to nurture what we planted in January. This issue is filled with ideas for gardening, big and small … whether you own acres of farmland or only have a windowsill garden, there is something for everyone. Also, learn how some seed thoughts are answered, page 6. Beverly Brunelle takes us on a mindful meditation to weed our mental gardens of unfruitful thoughts, page 7. What does planting have to do with prayer? See page 9. Steve’s research has turned up the soil to inspire a new way of farming to eat right and heal ourselves, page 10.

Enjoy the photos and be inspired to grow something beautiful! Yank out the weeds and we’ll check in with you again at harvest time. May you reap a bumper crop of goodness!
Nancy, Publisher

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May 2015


May 2015 Issue Flash Version
May 2015 Issue PDF Version

Dear Readers,
In May my thoughts always turn to Mother – and to honor the Divine Feminine in all of her creative and nurturing ways – including her sacrifices for her children’s welfare and well being. This year the realization of the imbalance of the masculine and feminine is calling to us to bring them into balance. It is critical if we are to survive and thrive going forward. We must answer the call within our hearts and do what we can do to bring these energies into balance now. We all want balance, don’t we? If we are out of sync with the natural energies, we simply can’t be happy. In feng shui, the yin and yang (female and male) needs to be balanced for us to feel safe and comfortable in a space. Why not in life? We have been long suffering with male dominance. Perhaps it’s why we finally see a female candidate for President of the United States!

Angel Talk gives us some good advice from the angelic perspective of practical things we can do and pray about, and that oddly leads to definitions of Heaven and making assumptions based on our limited vantage point, p. 4. We offer a Native American perspective, ‘I Am Woman,’ p. 6. Lauri Ann Lumby ‘Resurrects the Magdalene’, p. 9. Laurel Kashinn gives us thoughts to ponder with her ‘Women in the Christian Story,’ p. 10. Bev Brunelle offers tips to awaken the feminine essence in each of us, p. 11. Good ideas for both male and female readers. Our regular columns by Kathleen Jacoby, Steve Freier and Barry Kerr are also included, as well as our advertisers’ events, products, and delicious green recipes.

We welcome your response either by comments on our website, Facebook page, or email. May you be inspired to live a better, happier and healthier life!
Nancy, Publisher

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April 2015

2015 April PDF Version
2015 April Flash Version

Dear Readers,
To me, Easter and early Spring, is about resurrecting … rising above the darkness of the recent months and ‘rolling the stone away’ from whatever holds us back from our dreams. Thoughts turn to clearing away winter clutter and begin deep cleaning and clearing to make way for the new to spring forth. Honestly, I don’t think any progress can ever truly be made without releasing what we no longer need, use, or love, and this is urgent! Stop what you’re doing and clear the stuff now, page 16. Once cleared, new energy and life flows in and brings new opportunities we pray and wait for.

This month marks the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. On pages 6 and 7 I’ve listed various movements and organizations along with – large and small things you can do to contribute to the sustainable future of our planet. I remember when Earth Day began and who knew it would gain the momentum it has? Read the article – click the links – and develop some new habits that will contribute to saving our good green Earth.

It seems like we (my editors and I) continually search for alternative ways to improve our health. This month we feature the much overlooked magnesium deficiency, page 10, and also the benefits of lemons. Associate editor, Kathleen Jacoby begins a new column this month called, ‘Journey2Raw.” We invite you to go on this journey with us. Be inspired to share your favorite recipes with us and join us toward eating more raw and less cooked foods.

There is much to read in this issue so I will let you get to it. Roll the stone away from what’s holding you back from living the life you want. Happy Spring!
Nancy, Publisher

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March 2015

March 2015 Cover

March 2015

The Inner Voice Magazine
March 2015

2015 March Flash Version – Read Online
2015 March PDF VersionTIV 2015

Dear Readers,
It always amazes me that I can plan a theme for the month’s issue and as I begin working on the layout, the angels who guide and inspire me alter those original plans and the issue morphs into something else. The theme began as ‘March, the winds of change … in the weather and in our lives.’ As I was in the process of typesetting, those changes kept coming and finally opening up a door within me that had been locked … my distress and frustration over violence on TV and in the movies. The angels said ‘do it,’ so I took the thoughts I wrote some years ago that I named “Violence Is Not Entertainment” and combined it into the inspiration from the angels now, who were cheering me on to write what needed to be said. See Angel Talk in this issue for my long awaited thoughts on the matter.

  • My editor, Kathleen Jacoby, also chimed in on the subject with her thoughts and suggestions for alternative shows to watch, p. 5.
  • Kari Uselman out-did herself with an effective exercise that will guide you through the inner changes you’d like to make, p. 12.
  • Writer Laurel Kashinn has us take a look at the problem with change a thought-filled piece based on the Serenity Prayer, page 9.
  • Beverly Brunelle takes us a step or two further with choosing to be sensational, p. 11.
  • Experts claim an Olive Oil component HEALS CANCER CELLS, p. 15.
  • And what’s with the Four-Leaf clover and other Lucky Charms in Folklore? Read all about them on p. 6-7.

There are a couple of Wellness Fairs happening this month, so mark your calendars!
• Emerge Fair in Appleton, March 21; and
The Dare To Be Aware Fair in Milwaukee on March 22nd! See ads on p. 8 and 10.
A weekend of fun to break up the long, cold winter!

There’s plenty of GREEN inspiration to awaken and stimulate inner changes to ready ourselves for when we can emerge in the green outdoors! Until then, feel free to print this magazine and SHARE the link with all your friends!
Nancy, Publisher

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February 2015


2015 February Issue

Dear Readers,
February seems to always turn our attention to that of love and relationships. This issue offers plenty of ideas to increase self love and then how to extend that love to others to make all of our lives run smoother. A way to experience deep love for yourself is to allow deep healing. (See Angel Talk page 4.)
Guest columnist, Deniz Keller’s article on p. 10 and Beverly Brunelle’s ideas for ‘Self Love’ on p. 11 go deeper into this idea. We get some sound relationship advice from Barry Kerr and Kristina Gay, page 8.
If your body needs a boost, take time to experience a deep, cellular healing with Kari Uselman. (See ad on page 16). We begin a healthy eats column with a selection of three of Kari’s favorite recipes, page 17. Find out what’s in store for you in February with Numbers By Design by Kathleen Jacoby, pages 14 & 15 and Astro-Outlook on pages 18 & 19 by Barry Kerr. For the Evidence of Angels column this month, we feature a story of how a tired and frustrated woman called on the angels for guidance through a difficult time caring for an elderly parent, page 9. May it inspire you to see a glimpse of the sweet embrace of the angels who are ever-ready to assist in whatever way we need them. Need light shed on a situation? Get a reading from the angels. (See my ad on page 5 for details. My sincerest wish is that you find a blessing ~ or two! ~ within the 20 pages of this very heartfelt issue!
Nancy, Publisher
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January 2015

January 2015 Issue

January 2015 Issue

2015 January Flash
2015 January PDF

Dear Readers,
In a most heartfelt way, my staff of writers and contributors and I wish you a wonderful New Year. I know we’ve heard this at the start of every year with the sincerest resolutions of making positive changes in our lives, and if you’re anything like me, those good intentions usually disappear before February comes around. Not this year. I have amped up my willpower with the best information I could find on creating the life I want to have…and ways to stick to it. It is my hope you will also benefit from my findings in the next 20 pages…

The angels give us some advice on creating the life we want by becoming aware of what we are thinking about, p. 5. Numerologist and author Kathleen Jacoby begins her Numerology forecasts for 2015, p. 6-9. Beverly Brunelle has some fresh ideas we can do every day, p. 10 and on p. 11 you’ll find ways to pump up the feng shui in your house.

I look far and wide for inspiring healing stories and I hit the jackpot in my interview with Kari Uselman, p. 12-15. Kari offers an array of techniques in her practice, and she has some amazing results to share. Be inspired!

Also new this month is the beginning of AstroOutlook, p. 18. To those who remember the print version of The Inner Voice, you will recall our friend Christopher Pearce who wrote this column. In case you didn’t know, Chris passed away several years ago. I have a sneaky suspicion he had a hand in finding his replacement for this column. Welcome, Barry Kerr!

Continuing his research into past lives is my brother and coeditor, Steve Freier, p. 16. Tips for staying aware and in focus by Rev. Losey is on p. 17, and many more ideas are shared in some very cool video clips that will surely enhance your life in 2015. Happy New Year, indeed!


Nancy, Publisher

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