2015 February Issue

The Inner Voice Magazine for February 2015

Dear Readers,
February seems to always turn our attention to that of love and relationships. This issue offers plenty of ideas to increase self love and then how to extend that love to others to make all of our lives run smoother. A way to experience deep love for yourself is to allow deep healing. (See Angel Talk on this page.) Guest columnist, Deniz Keller’s article on p. 10 and Beverly Brunelle’s ideas for ‘Self Love’ on p. 11 go deeper into this idea. We get some sound relationship advice from Barry Kerr and Kristina Gay, page 8.
If your body needs a boost, take time to experience a deep, cellular healing with Kari Uselman. (See ad on page 16). We begin a healthy eats column with a selection of three of Kari’s favorite recipes, page 17.Find out what’s in store for you in February with Numbers By Design by Kathleen Jacoby, pages 14 &15 and Astro-Outlook on pages 18 & 19 by Barry Kerr. For the Evidence of Angels column this month, we feature a story of how a tired and frustrated woman called on the angels for guidance through a difficult time caring for an elderly parent, page 9. May it inspire you to see a glimpse of the sweet embrace of the angels who are ever-ready to assist in whatever way we need them. Need light shed on a situation? Get a reading from the angels. (See my ad on page 5 for details.My sincerest wish is that you find a blessing ~ or two! ~ within the 20 pages of this very heartfelt issue!!
Nancy, Publisher
The Inner Voice Magazine February 2015

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