February 2016

February 2016

February 2016

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Dear Readers,
February may be the shortest month in the year, but it’s in the heart of winter and a good time to reflect on ourselves and the quality of our lives.

In February we look forward to Valentine’s Day, and when focusing on love, it’s important to include ourselves in the quotient. This month we have reviews of two books that speak of love and offer valuable insights into being more loving to ourselves and also attracting soulful relationships.

The angels remind us that they are there when we need them (Angel Talk on this page). We have Jack Canfield’s suggestions (author of the Chicken Soup books) for creating successful strategies in gaining our objectives through visualization. Need a boost in your body’s health? Louise Hay suggests using herbs and spices in inspiring new ways (page 12). Her daily meal plan and a meditation for the heart is on page 13. Also this month are timely articles about 2016 – its potentials and challenges from several different angles. Finally, we offer an interview with Rita Darabosh on healing.

For the ladies, this is a leap year, so if you have someone you would like to invite into your life, don’t be shy! Leap year is a time when women get to invite significant others to dance through life with them! However that is for you, may this be a rewarding and love-filled month!

We hope you enjoy this edition and appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see in future issues!

Associate Editor

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January 2016

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January Flipbook Style

Dear Subscribers,

Here is the January 2016 issue of The Inner Voice e-magazine ~ filled with inspiration for letting go of past hurts and creating a new and prosperous life in 2016. Also new this issue is the ability to purchase books we talk about directly from Amazon. Just click on the link of the book you want and – presto! – you’re taken to Amazon to buy the book. Easy, and we appreciate it!

As we begin 2016, we see ourselves beginning anew, and that nudges us to make sure that we have cleared things from the past that are limitations and no longer serve us. If we carry anger, clutter, regrets and all the other limiting elements that keep us chained to the past, we are unable to fully take advantage of being free to create anew. This month offers us the opportunity to see where there are still some things we can do to remove all barriers to a wonderful beginning. Whether it’s health, healing a relationship, gathering clothes we no longer wear to give to those in need, or updating our concept of what we’re capable of – this is the time to upgrade!

Making resolutions for the New Year ought to involve reasonable goals and self-examination in a loving manner. Where do we need to focus? Who do we need to forgive, or ask forgiveness from? What can we do to improve our health and fitness? What projects need to be done in our homes that will enhance and beautify our space? Large or small, we have a symbolic beginning with the advent of the New Year. So, in the spirit of renewal, let’s go forward with honest evaluations and heartfelt actions and make 2016 a super year!

Kathleen Jacoby
Associate Editor

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December 2015

TIV-12-Covr-smDecember 2015 Issue
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Dear Readers,

I was jolted by the terror attacks in Paris just like everyone was, and being a ‘Lightworker’ working tirelessly for peace on Earth, I wasn’t sure of the highest way for me to react to such assaults on humanity. During December, with everyone celebrating the holidays and wishing everyone peace, love and joy to the world, I decided to make this the theme for this issue.

You can read the angels’ response to my plea in Angel Talk (page 4) where they suggest we continue to hold the light regardless of what is going on in the world. Author Meredith Young-Sowers (Agartha) and Mentor offer a prayer and more suggestions on the ‘Aftermath of Paris’ on page 14. Beverly Brunelle gives us a meditative exercise on ‘Preparing a Playing Field of Love’ for the holidays and beyond, page 8. I included what A Course In Miracles says about ‘Christmastime’ on page 23; as well as a chapter from Joann Baumann’s book, a channeling from her son in Heaven, page 22.

We need more love and joy on the planet perhaps more now than ever and to help bring that are “The Plumplets” – both people and pets who ooze with joy, a sure way to put a smile on your face! On page 5 you will read more about them and find a link to a YouTube video.

Also, Nancy’s Angels™ were created years ago to “Bring the Light of Heaven to Earth.” They make a very special gift for anyone wanting to connect with their angel, page 4 and 8. Also in this issue are gifts and ideas for the December gift-giver … for those who have everything…how about an insightful reading, page 10; a feng shui consultation, page 9 or a lovely scarf or wrap, page 11 … and much more from our advertisers offering their healing services.

I hope you will enjoy every jam-packed page intended to help you bring peace and joy to yourself and the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
–Nancy, Publisher

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November 2015

2015 November Issue

TIV_11_COV-smOpen PDF Version
Open Flipbook Version

Dear Readers,

A good friend is visiting my editors, Steve and Kathleen, at their home in California, and Kathleen had this to say about him… “He is an ‘archaeologist of the soul” who is completely aware of the synchronicity happening in his life on a moment-by-moment basis. He doesn’t take anything for granted, and he uses the information he receives to tie events together into an ongoing interweaving of gratitude and appreciation for the magic that life is. Through his observations, he constructs a life of meaning and purpose. After being with him for several days, Kathleen observed how brilliant his way of participating in life is. She went on to say, “Most of us are too busy being busy and we miss the small miracles that are happening all around us. If we would pause and reflect as the day unfolds, we would see a myriad of intricate connections and possibilities.”

“In this issue, you will see how events unfolding created responses that were life-changing for our publisher, Nancy. You will note how actor Johnny Depp, is making a huge difference in righting a wrong done long ago to our native Americans. Steve’s research into reincarnation and past lives affect present lives.”

During this month of giving thanks, let’s know deeply that everything we do matters, and it is often the little things that lead to the larger outcomes we‘ve prayed for. Let us truly feel the gratitude and appreciation for everything in our lives.

If you have an inspirational story to share with our readers, please submit them to us for a future publication. Feeling grateful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nancy, Publisher

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