June 2016


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Dear Readers,

It’s June, and in California the trees are bearing abundant fruit from blossoms galore that grew during a major shift from drought to rain. It’s a reminder to me that it’s easy for us to believe what we see in the moment is how it will always be, but nature has her own time table and ways and means – and just as the we have extremes in weather, it is the same with us humans. We can endure a long drought, only to have something confront us – that we call a miracle – coming seemingly out of nowhere. Our opportunity is to move into the gift and release the state of constriction that has held us hostage, and this month’s issue gives us several articles that prompt that shift in perception.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain, and A Course in Miracles is one of them. Marianne Williamson’s interview sheds light on the process. Serena Dyer shares her miracle story about conception and connection, and Evidence of Angels and the Miracles of Feng Shui are shared, as well.
Beverly Brunelle provides great suggestions for releasing limitations, and Steve Freier focuses on the work of David R. Hawkins. Barry Kerr provides the astrology outlook and transits for June.

We also offer a wonderful selection of books to buy through our Amazon bookstore that will assist you in making whatever shift that will help you in your life. As we now move into the full thrust of summer with the longer days, our options expand. We wish you a joyous month of activities outdoors, as well as quiet time to read and reflect. Balance is key to harmony, and as much as the outer world beckons, let us not forget our inner world as well!

Associate Editor

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May 2016


May 2016

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Dear Readers,

The month of May invites us to go outside and enjoy the garden, whether it is a natural one, or the garden of our interior. The weather is more stable now and we are able to return to the out-of-doors with an attitude of embracing the sunshine and enjoying the splendor of nature.

We are able to join in to take advantage of planting and appreciating the natural world and the many gifts it provides.

This issue of The Inner Voice shares an optimistic approach to many areas of life. We are shown the benefits of natural foods with plenty of suggestions for healthy eating and healthy aging. We are reminded of our place in the universe and are guided through several insightful articles to make the most of who and what we are during this pre-summer month. Opportunities abound, and it’s up to us to take advantage of what is all around us.

So let’s embrace the possibilities and make this a marvelous time of fulfilling our potential in multiple ways. And, let’s remember our wonderful mothers – including Mother Earth – and pay her special tribute. May this be a beautiful, bountiful month, full of love, light, and many blessings!

–Kathleen Jacoby, Associate Editor
–Nancy Freier, Editor

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April 2016

April 2016 - The Inner Voice Magazine

The Inner Voice Magazine

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Dear Readers,

This month offers an opportunity to look more deeply at our connection with Heaven and Earth. We celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and recognize all the good our planet gives to us. It is a great opportunity for us to give back – with respect and love.

The importance of trees and our interactions with nature is discussed. You can read more about the Earth Day celebrations, its history, and suggestions for things we can do to help make it healthy once again. In addition, read about how respect for the Earth begins with respect for ourselves!

We have several articles focusing on the helpful nature of angels and how they seek to communicate with us. Also featured is an in-depth report on how those on the other side of life’s veil view the Earth and our purpose here. You can also look to astrology and see how the stars and planets are affecting us here on Earth.

Take a look at how you are interacting with your living space and how it supports you, or not, and follow the suggestions to make your house a home that truly is a place of comfort, safety and warmth providing for you in many ways. Very easy-to-do ideas are offered that you can implement now, and reap the benefits later.

Enjoy this beautiful month of April, and may you recognize through your efforts that creating Heaven on Earth is a real possibility!

Associate Editor

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March 2016


March issue 2016

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Dear Readers,
As we embark on a month that symbolically represents the end of winter and beginning of Spring, we have the interplay of light and shadow, shifts in temperature, and this year, we celebrate Easter in March. In this edition, you will read about the counsel of Angels, the fun of dying, the beauty of being a child exploring possibilities, and the release of clutter that obstructs our path to enlightening experiences.

We can appreciate the opportunities mentioned through astrological avenues, through insights about death, and the gifts given as we strengthen ourselves through the challenges life presents. When we view the world without preconceived notions through the magical lens of a child’s view, we open ourselves to the wonderment of life. When we view dying as merely moving through a doorway to return to our true eternal home, we have the benefit of making life a joyous journey rather than an endurance race. Our contributors have brought together a thoughtful sequence of articles from death to birth to appreciation for all that exists in between. What we make of our lives is up to us. There is always help available, and all we need do is ask sincerely with a heart willing to receive.

May this be a wonderful month of rebirth for you in whatever way is best suited to your needs!
Happy March!
Kathleen, Associate Editor

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