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Dear Readers,

On April 3rd I will undergo shoulder replacement surgery – something I have run from for about three years, trying anything else that came to me to try. Finally, exhausting my search, there are no other alternatives to correct this problem. Feeling depressed that I did not get the ‘miracle’ I prayed for, the angels chimed in one day recently to let me know that surgery IS the answer to my prayer! (Read more in Angel Talk on this page.)
There is much to ponder about prayer in this issue, including the need to keep it open-ended at the top and to add ‘this or something better’ to our prayers. Bill Sweet reminds us of having the right intention in prayer, page 5. Bev Brunelle writes about the importance of staying mindful and how this awareness helps us on our path of self-discovery, page 20. Need healing? Try talking to your cells, page 7.

We are featuring a look at the history of the Easter celebration and its Pagan roots, pages 8-10. I am also happy to welcome our new columnist and stone healer, Diane Bloom. This month she is featuring the benefits of Citrine, page 21. Meredith Young-Sowers gives us thoughts to ponder regarding the crop circles, page 11. Barry Kerr has your Astro-Outlook for April, pages 12-13. Steve Freier reviewed a spiritual classic, ‘Living With the Himalayan Masters, page 6. And for healing the house, Dana Claudat offers tips for Spring cleaning, page 14. Also included are some tips to help keep the Earth and oceans clean of plastic debris, page 18; and Roberta Grimes offers seven signs we commonly receive from the deceased, page 16.

I hope you enjoy this entire issue!

Nancy, Publisher
The Inner Voice e-magazine

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