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Dear Readers,
    I always like the December theme to be about the angels who guide us and share ways we can raise our awareness of them and learn how they intervene in our lives. In this issue I feature several articles about them and how you might begin a relationship with them, or deepen the one you have.
   However, the joy of that sharing has been shadowed by the entourage of the prominent men who have allegedly behaved badly and are accused of sexual misbehavior that’s been all over the news. As I write this, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC. News of this kind makes me want to bury my head in the sand, but the angels have encouraged me to bring it to the Light in this issue. “We don’t run and hide,” they said, “we face things, deal with them, and heal them.” One way to do that is written by Marianne Williamson in her article,“#MeToo” page 10. Also in this issue, a reader asked me to ask the angels about the impending crisis in North Korea, and how are we to look at it without fear. See Angel Talk on this page.
    Let me also say this… talking with the Angels over the last 30+ years I tell you they love us beyond what we can imagine. They are on a different playing field, with one eye on us and the other on God’s plan for us. The Angels are in our corner and continually have our backs. Time and time again they have stated that all we need to do is call them into our awareness; breathe in their love and light, and allow this higher vibration to be our guide in thought, word and deeds. Period.
Then, we are to send this love to those around us; to those around the world; and to people like Kim Jong-un. Let love be the miracle it is meant to be! Just add action and this could be a truly Merry Christmas!

Nancy, Publisher

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