2017 February

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Dear Readers,
In the depth of winter, nature provides a means for deeper self-awareness and understanding since the outer world is not as hospitable climate-wise as in other times of the year. The very cold we experience is an invitation to hibernate, to go within, and when we use the time as an opportunity to see ourselves from a deeper perspective, we can find aspects of who we are that may have been forgotten, and that need to be strengthened.

When we make time to look at ourselves objectively and recognize the miracle that each of us is, we can open ourselves to accepting and expressing the full meaning of our lives – ‘To know thyself, and to thine own self be true.’

This month you will find articles that point the way to the inner beauty and light that you are. You will see ways for uncovering your best self and for finding peace of mind. We feature writer William Henry’s take on the meaning of the Trump Inauguration and the affect it has on our culture (p. 8). We also have a newly-formatted astrology column by Barry Kerr that points the way for each of us as to the best use of our abilities this month. We like his new approach and think you will, too.

There’s a saying that ‘out of chaos, order comes’ – and in this time of uncerrtainty, we all have an opportunity to find those things that we need to release, and focus on what is most meaningful to us for a future we want to see. Reach for the heights within your own self and nurture the love you truly are. (Angel Talk, p.4) What we gain from this is the recognition that our voice, our heart, and our unique contribution to life truly matters.

Happy February!
Kathleen Jacoby
Associate Editor

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