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2017 July Issue
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Dear Readers,
Creativity and children go hand-in-hand. I recall art class days were the best days in school because we got to play and make art. What fun! Whenever I’m in that mode of creative play–whether it’s writing this magazine, designing a home, or gathering fabrics for a quilt or craft project, its time well-spent feeding my spirit. Cultivating the qualities of childlike joy and openness as adults is super important. Being creative in whatever form that takes for you is like being a child at play again, no matter your age. We are creative beings and we are here on Earth to do or create something awesome that only we are uniquely called to do. If you don’t think you are creative, listen to your inner voice to remind you of that which you loved doing as a child, and do it again!

This month we are featuring the ‘child-like’ beings known as the elves and fairies, or ‘the wee folk’ as they refer to themselves. We read about them in the fairy tales as children and I’m sharing their ideas of how we can (finally) acknowledge them and work together, Angel Talk, page 4.

If you had a childhood you’d rather not remember, Kathleen Jacoby offers a way to have a happy childhood after all by reclaiming your inner child, page 6. To encourage playfulness, read about her, ‘Plumplets,’ page 15. Other articles include how to create good fortune by choosing the right words, from affirmation goddess, Louise Hay, page 12. Ideas to protect your creative life, from Meredith Young-Sowers, page 16. Dana Claudat chimes in with how to expand your creative genius, page 18; and Bev Brunelle shares how changing your focus creates new possibilities, page 19.

I hope the ideas in this issue will ignite your creative spark! Have a safe, happy and a wildly creative July!

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