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June 2017 Issue

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Dear Readers
We’ve got Abraham Lincoln here; we’ve got Thomas Jefferson here, along with many more ‘guides in spirit’ who watch over us. As we celebrate those who are graduating, we can be assured there truly is guidance from beyond for those who ask and become aware of this phenomenon. A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states, “If you knew who walked beside you, you could never be afraid.” I say, “If you knew who guided you from spirit, what would you ask their love, light and wisdom on? And why are you waiting?” All you need do is ask. (See ad on page 5.)

Speaking of ACIM, check out what ideas Course expert Beverly Hutchinson-McNeff offers in helping us respond to our life’s events, p. 15.

Steve Freier reviewed The Gentle Art of Blessing that offers an awareness of and practical ideas of what we can do to help ourselves and the world, p. 8.

Roberta Grimes shares some of her research into reincarnation, p. 6. It is my feeling that if we don’t learn the principles of love and light, we return to Earth school until we do.

There is so much more in this edition, I invite you to read it all. Let’s become aware that life is a continual prayer. What we focus on comes to pass, so let us be reminded that not only do we need love and light, but our dear Mother Earth needs it too, perhaps now more than ever. Light always wins over darkness but it is up to us to decide where we place our personal power. Spend a few minutes every day to send your love to yourself, your fellow travelers, and to the Earth. The Glory of Light Meditation from my book Heaven Help Me! – A Celestial Guide To Healing, is one idea how to do this, p. 3.

Until next time, let’s clear away all of the dark debris from our hearts and minds and let the light and love of our true selves shine!

Nancy, Publisher

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