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Dear Readers,

On many levels, and for many people I know, April was a challenging month! I faced my fear of shoulder replacement surgery and did it, while soon after my associate editor, Kathleen Jacoby, fell in her house and broke her arm! I can think of two other friends who were also hospitalized during this time. In retrospect, I feel these incidences were designed to wake us up to something important and to get our attention to change our thoughts and direction. If we get an inkling to make a change and we ignore the prompting, the voice will get louder and louder until it finally gets our attention. Turning up the volume can happen in many ways. I feel it is necessary for everyone to create an ‘angel code’ and become 100 percent aware of that code when it sounds, to avoid any undo heartache or frustration. Angel Talk speaks to this. (See article on this page.)

And whenever we move through one of life’s challenges that I will call ‘April Showers’ — we can be sure that there is a gift or benefit that awaits us on the other side of it, that I will refer to as ‘May Flowers.’ There is evidence of this phenomena throughout this issue, and it is my sincerest hope that no matter what challenge you are presently facing, something quite wonderful awaits you in the balance. If you are not clear what that could be, contact me and I will do a reading for you… which, by the way, I have on sale this month to make up for the down time I had in April. Enjoy the flowers!

Nancy, Publisher

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