2017 November


Dear Readers,
    November is a most precious month because it reminds me to be grateful for life and all the experiences it brings. Some things may not appear as blessings in the moment, but according to A Course In Miracles, ‘all things are either love or a lesson in love.’
    Earlier this year I felt as though God let me down by not healing my shoulder, but then I learned that surgery was the gift, and realizing that, I was grateful there was a solution to the pain. My prayer may not have been answered in the way I wanted it to be, but it got me turned around into a new direction, and that was the miracle.
    The angels said many times that if we are grateful for what we have, we will be blessed with more. Instead of complaining let’s choose to be grateful and satisfied. Instead of being in some pit of misery, let’s obtain a renewed sense of expectation that life gets better and better all the time.
    I am grateful for every one of you, my readers and subscribers, for being on this journey with me. When you pull your chair up to your Thanksgiving dinner table, pause and give thanks for your life and all things in it. It is a spiritual truth that what we focus on increases, so let’s choose to be grateful and give thanks for all things. That will lead us to even more good.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nancy, Publisher


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