2018 February

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February is the month of love and when I first started thinking about what to put in this issue, the 60s cultural movement of Peace & Love came to mind. Can you believe it’s been over 50 years since the 1967 Summer of Love? My favorite artist then was Peter Max and his ‘Day-Glo’ paintings were, to me, the backdrop of the hippie generation. (See p. 8 for more.)

This issue is also about loving ourselves more (Detox From Sugar, p.12) and offers ways to express ourselves creatively. My editor Kathleen has been writing ‘a poem a day ‘to start the creative flow. It’s crazy fun! (See p. 9.) I’ve been designing a spirit doll to sell and to teach women how to make them at retreats and workshops. A few days ago I ran into a creative block that stopped the process and I could not continue. Puzzled, the angels suggested that I ask Pat Gullett, an artist and a contributor to this magazine, and she nailed it. Her answer explains the creative process in the best way I have ever heard. (See p. 6.) This magazine is filled with articles to inspire you to go and create something. Did you hear that inner voice calling? It’s your soul urging you to express!

Enjoy this issue and share it with your friends. Take a moment and write to us. We’d love your feedback.
Nancy, Publisher

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