2018 January


Dear Readers,
At the start of this New Year I ask you to invite the Angels into your life. Never mind what term I use, call it by whatever name you like – your higher self, inner guidance, intuition, etc.

While pulling this issue together, I felt an urgent call from them. Never has there been a more pivotal time to ask for a blessing on the world. If we can raise our individual consciousness and focus on what is good and right, we will expand that consciousness into the world where all will benefit. Is there a dark place in the world? Send it your Light! Start with the person who is most annoying and send them your love.

Whatever is your wish for this year, ask for it in prayer and, more importantly, note the answer to it when it comes. The angels, et al, bring these messages in many different forms – your power animal appears; a book falls open to a page; a person texts you something; you see a sparkle of light; a bird flies by, or a feather lands on your path. The list goes on and on, but the key is to recognize these as the ‘answers’ they are.

In February we are launching a fun, new column called, “Ask The Inner Voice” in a format similar to that of ‘Dear Abby.’ Send us your questions!

As we begin this New Year be mindful of your thoughts and intentions, and let’s do it…let’s make this a truly Happy New Year!

Nancy, Publisher

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