January 2016

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Dear Subscribers,

Here is the January 2016 issue of The Inner Voice e-magazine ~ filled with inspiration for letting go of past hurts and creating a new and prosperous life in 2016. Also new this issue is the ability to purchase books we talk about directly from Amazon. Just click on the link of the book you want and – presto! – you’re taken to Amazon to buy the book. Easy, and we appreciate it!

As we begin 2016, we see ourselves beginning anew, and that nudges us to make sure that we have cleared things from the past that are limitations and no longer serve us. If we carry anger, clutter, regrets and all the other limiting elements that keep us chained to the past, we are unable to fully take advantage of being free to create anew. This month offers us the opportunity to see where there are still some things we can do to remove all barriers to a wonderful beginning. Whether it’s health, healing a relationship, gathering clothes we no longer wear to give to those in need, or updating our concept of what we’re capable of – this is the time to upgrade!

Making resolutions for the New Year ought to involve reasonable goals and self-examination in a loving manner. Where do we need to focus? Who do we need to forgive, or ask forgiveness from? What can we do to improve our health and fitness? What projects need to be done in our homes that will enhance and beautify our space? Large or small, we have a symbolic beginning with the advent of the New Year. So, in the spirit of renewal, let’s go forward with honest evaluations and heartfelt actions and make 2016 a super year!

Kathleen Jacoby
Associate Editor

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2 Responses to January 2016

  1. Nancy says:

    I am sharing an email I received this morning…

    Sent: Fri, Jan 1, 2016 12:43 pm
    Subject: ‘Blessings’ in the January edition 2016

    Dear Nancy, I was reading this month’s issue just this morning and wanted to give you feedback on your article on Being the Blessing in life. Mostly because at the end of the article .. you asked for feedback. So here is mine… “Spot on girl” !!!!

    On October 16, 2015 (I keep a journal of such things).. I wrote in my planner about a powerful experience I had under the trees. I came to that spot to connect and nurture myself, to open to the wisdom of Nature and to be blessed. By the end of my time there and feeling much better; and as I left, I got the following words.. clear as a bell… “Remember I bring Blessings with me wherever I go”

    Since then I recall that and practice this awareness as I go through my day(s). It is very powerful and helps me remember that I am a multi-dimensional being having a human experience. Just this morning before reading the article.. I was standing at my east window and reminded myself that I am a Magnificent Being having a human experience. This is my way of expanding my energies so that I can be a Blessing wherever I go in a very conscious way.

    The world so needs Blessings right now, and on another note.. a separate topic in your newsletter this month, I am reminded that I work for Source/God/Divininty. I do not work for a paycheck, or a boss, or for anyone or anything else. I was getting this reminder just yesterday as I worked through some other issues with a spiritual coach who was telling me that it was necessary for me to commit to paying her $400.00 .. and then the money would come! I decided that I would commit to myself and the work would be done. Alhtough it was a process to let go of that sales pitch. Anyway.. it is so wonderful to see similar messages coming through for more of us in very clear ways. It seems to me that you have your finger on the pulse and it is so powerful for me to get that validation through your work.

    In conclusion I will share just a brief note about what I have been working on for two years.. perhaps it may be a validation for you.. not sure, anyway. I have been connecting with Nature and contemplating the process of starting a weekly healing circle in my local area. At first, I did not think that anyone (else) was ready for this due to the high level of “competition” and, as we know timing is very important for introducing these different paradigms. In early 2014, I arranged for a teacher to travel to our small town and give a workshop. It was like pulling teeth and only 3 people showed up for the opportunity. This last week I decided to do the same and invite a teacher to give another workshop in the Spring. The topic is Wealth, Abundance and Poverty Beliefs. In connecting with the local Animal Shelter to see if we could donate a percentage (and note that on the flyer) I was met with great enthusiasm. So… as my dream builds energy, and as people become more open to these new possibilities I may be growing a group of people that are ready to contribute to a weekly wellness/healing circle from a space of giving not greed. And.. all this will be done without it becoming a business.. as I work for Source, not for dollars. Of course, Love Offerings and Donations will be accepted. So that is my story.

    Anything you think of that might be helpful, please pass along. And please know that I am an eager reader that is always glad to get the next issue of your work. By the way, I have reached out to Beverly Brunelle twice for readings and I always tell her that I found her in your newsletter.
    Many Blessings.. and Much Gratitude. Janel

  2. Nancy says:

    A subscriber in Florida wrote:
    “Loved your January issue of The Inner Voice, especially the Wayne Dyer article!
    Thank you!
    Susan K.

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