2017 March

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Dear Readers,
As we prepare for the advent of spring, we recognize that after the long winter, we are seeing the emergence of creativity and new growth. Yet even as the official beginning of Spring is not until March 21, the evidence of its full arrival requires patience, as nature may withhold the full blossoming of its potential until later. This helps us to recognize the importance of living now and appreciating the things we can do that prepare us for greater opportunities and warmer weather later. We don’t need to rush. We can appreciate where we are and who we are with, and we can see the benefit of taking time.

We note in this issue that patience is called for, but so is the awareness that we are not alone – that our loved ones who have passed over are still with us and make their presence known in many large and small ways. There is comfort and joy that we can provide to others, and as we look at the clues that nature and our loved ones in spirit provide, life becomes a remarkable journey. Let us now engage in choosing those things that are good for our health, our creative abilities, and that make our lives, and the lives of others worthwhile.

Happy Spring!
Kathleen Jacoby, Associate Editor
The Inner Voice e-magazine

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2017 February

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Dear Readers,
In the depth of winter, nature provides a means for deeper self-awareness and understanding since the outer world is not as hospitable climate-wise as in other times of the year. The very cold we experience is an invitation to hibernate, to go within, and when we use the time as an opportunity to see ourselves from a deeper perspective, we can find aspects of who we are that may have been forgotten, and that need to be strengthened.

When we make time to look at ourselves objectively and recognize the miracle that each of us is, we can open ourselves to accepting and expressing the full meaning of our lives – ‘To know thyself, and to thine own self be true.’

This month you will find articles that point the way to the inner beauty and light that you are. You will see ways for uncovering your best self and for finding peace of mind. We feature writer William Henry’s take on the meaning of the Trump Inauguration and the affect it has on our culture (p. 8). We also have a newly-formatted astrology column by Barry Kerr that points the way for each of us as to the best use of our abilities this month. We like his new approach and think you will, too.

There’s a saying that ‘out of chaos, order comes’ – and in this time of uncerrtainty, we all have an opportunity to find those things that we need to release, and focus on what is most meaningful to us for a future we want to see. Reach for the heights within your own self and nurture the love you truly are. (Angel Talk, p.4) What we gain from this is the recognition that our voice, our heart, and our unique contribution to life truly matters.

Happy February!
Kathleen Jacoby
Associate Editor

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2017 January

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January 2017

January 2017

Dear Readers,

The start of a New Year always exemplifies a perfect opportunity for letting go of what no longer serves us, whether that is an item no longer loved, used or needed or perhaps a belief or ‘bad’ habit that needs to be transformed into something better. It is a time for renewal or a new beginning and the energy is ripe for that!

In this issue you will find many ideas for looking at your life and seeing where your higher self is leading you to make some changes. If that is unclear to you, sit in silence and ask for clarity. If that is still unclear, contact me and I will help by doing a reading for you.

Sreper offers his wisdom on determining if your career is also your divine blueprint, or if you’re on your life path. Power animals are another method for integrating the wisdom represented by the animal kingdom. We can use the gifts of the animals that speak to us, incorporating their gentle guidance and strengths as our own.

In this issue you will find articles about this gift of wisdom that animals can impart to us. Along with the other articles that focus on the New Year and all the possibilities that await us, we hope you can use some of our ideas to create a joyous beginning to 2017.

Nancy Freier
Editor & Publisher

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December 2016

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Dear Readers,
For this month’s theme I chose to focus on creativity and the joy that brings children of all ages. My feng shui mentor, Terah Kathryn Collins wrote, “You are all creators in life. You are constantly creating something, whether it’s new cells in your body, new thoughts in your mind, new meals in the kitchen, or new projects at work. To live is to create, and to create is to be truly alive. The key to entering fully into the creative process is joy. The joy and pleasure you take in your everyday creations connects you with the joy of all creation.

A child’s natural ability to spontaneously create art, plays, songs, poems, dances, skits, games, and music erupts from the joy of being alive. It is pure childlike quality of joy within us all that carries the creative spirit.”

And so it is, in this issue we present all kinds of inspiration. Many of my contributors have products and services for those on your wish list, or your gift list for others.

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright with Creativity bursting through everywhere in all it’s wondrous forms! And as always, feel free to share this ezine with your friends and loved ones.

Nancy Freier
Editor & Publisher

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